What safety tips can I follow and how can I prepare myself as a host?

First off, you should fill out the house rules section of your profile with care to ensure guests understand what to expect.

Get in touch with your guest(s) before they arrive and introduce yourself. Ask them to email you a photo and details of any other people (or pets if appropriate) in their booking party.

When your guest arrives, take some time to go over the house rules. Show them around and highlight any key information, for example, smoking rules, kitchen facilities, security, Internet, bathroom facilities, pets.

All guests have to request to book at first so both parties have the opportunity to exchange some information before making any decision.

We have also introduced a new Video Messaging feature, so you can have a chat face-to-face with your potential guest before accepting their request.

You as a homeowner should have an insurance plan in place to protect your home in case something unexpected happened.

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