Homestay in Hull, feeling at home

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I enjoyed every aspect of my stay. The hospitality was top notch. My host is the most caring family ever. The meals were superb, and I can say that the value I received, outweighed the amount I paid.

The good thing about Homestay over other types of accommodation is the fact that you feel you are home. You are not left to yourself and can never experience loneliness.

What did you do in Hull?

Hull is a beautiful place to visit. The people are also pleasant. Hull was described by some people as remote, but I can say this is not correct.

I was at the University, and thankfully my host' residence was a walking distance to the school.

Hull has good road connectivity and navigating around the city, was easy.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Lots of fun centres in Hull for kids and family to visit.

I recommend Pearson park for kids. The environment is cosy, and easily connects to the road.

The University is also a beautiful place to visit.

The Paragon Interchange train station is also a beautiful place. The train ride is enjoyable as well.

How was your experience with your host?

While I reserved the accommodation, I had a lot skepticism because I have never used an Homestay. However, my stay was pleasurable beyond my expectations.

I added to my knowledge of Family bonding, and care for people.

I learnt to eat new meals, and also got recipes to try on my own.

Yes, my host did excellently in ensuring I enjoyed my stay.

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A memory to hold forever. My last  night at Ian's place, I specifically asked for this picture.

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Outside my host apartment



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