Down with the locals in Copenhagen

Tell us about your homestay experience.

Using homestay allowed me to feel like a local in Copenhagen and experience the city in a very special way for a week! Staying at a hotel would have made me feel just as a tourist, whereas by staying at this place I could exchange with my host, work remotely with a nice set-up, cook my own food (which made the trip quite cheaper also), hear and watch the kids go to school right around the corner, have neighbours smiling at me (the Danish are so friendly!), biking around quieter areas of the city and really getting a feeling what it feels like to live in Copenhagen.

What did you do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen impressed me in very possible way! The area where I stayed is beautiful, with nice architecture and cute streets, apart from being close to most city attractions. I was lucky to be able to borrow my host's bicycle, so I could experience Copenhagen like a local and easily move around. Everyday I biked to a different neighborhood, from the touristy to the hipster ones, and I loved them all.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

My number one tip is: get a bike (I borrowed mine from my host, but you can easily rent one)! Copenhagen is a city made for bikes and experiencing it on two wheels will really make a difference and give you more freedom to explore different areas. If possible, I'd also recommend to visit the city in summer, when people are out and about, days are longer and you can feel all the happiness around. I'd also recommend to check out neighborhoods outside the city centre, such as Norrebro and Vesterbro (the latter one seemed to be full of nice bars and cafes, so great for evenings). If the weather is nice, I also highly recommend going to Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food for an awesome vibe by the water, delicious food and some good music. Oh, I'd have so many more tips...!

How was your experience with your host?

My host, Christian, was extremely friendly and helpful! Although we didn't spend too much time together given conflicting schedules, he was always prompt to answer to all my questions and the positive vibe of the flat reflected his personality (I could experience the real "hygge" by staying at a flat of a Danish family)! I could even borrow his bike for the duration of my stay.

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This was a nice end of the day at Nordhavn.

Picture?id=4702&name=blog post images&style=blog body

View from my room.

Picture?id=4703&name=blog post images&style=blog body

I loved all the bikes and buildings in the neighborhood where I stayed.

Picture?id=4704&name=blog post images&style=blog body

Beautiful living room in the flat where I stayed!

Picture?id=4705&name=blog post images&style=blog body

At Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food

Picture?id=4708&name=blog post images&style=blog body

Even with a bit of rain, the classic Nyhavn was beautifull!

Picture?id=4709&name=blog post images&style=blog body

A little rest after so much walking!



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