Open your home, host a family

Offer an affordable alternative to hotel accommodation for fellow passriders travelling the world

We know the demand for accommodation can be troublesome for certain events, so we would like to invite our members to host fellow cyclists in a furnished guestroom, apartment or home in exchange for a nightly fee.

You can also be at home during their stay making it a more welcoming experience. Alternatively, if you have a holiday home or will be out of town during an event you can make it available to guests.

Affittare la tua stanza in maniera semplice

Accommodate like-minded individuals in your home, meet people from around the country who share the same interests as you, share experiences and make some money.

Meet new people
Share experiences
Make some money

Come funziona Homestay?

Our erratic and unpredictable travel styles can and do cause issues when we venture out. Hotel accommodation can be expensive and booked out well in advance.

The Passrider Homestay Hub allows Passrider members to provide, and enjoy affordable accommodation and enjoy affordable accommodation around the world.

Members Only

Contact passriders around the country searching for accommodation

Online Booking

Potential guests can easily find and book your homestay

Messaging System

Communicate with guests before they arrive

Availability Requests

Guests will contact you first to check you are available for their dates

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