The Best Place to Eat in Rome is in an Italian Home

Melissa, an American study abroad student, got to experience authentic Italy in an incredible way--by being invited with her own family into the home of a local Italian family for dinner.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

A City Break in Croatia

Melissa, a study abroad student from the United States, recalls her weekend in Split, Croatia and her favorite moments of the trip. Whether you're looking for high adventure or a bit of rest and relaxation, Croatia has it all.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

A City Break in Florence: How to See it All in Three Days

How to tackle Florence, Italy in just a few days. Melissa, a US student who lived there for four months, shares her jam-packed three day itinerary, ensuring you catch all the major sites and attractions.

Written by Guest Blogger: Vivian Lee

Amazing Japanese Hospitality

Vivian a Travel Blogger from Malaysia travelled to Tokyo with her Mum and little brother. She stayed with Tokyo hosts Yoko and Aki for 4 nights. After a very late arrival, Yoko cooked them a meal of Yakisoba and Miso soup. Vivian knew she was going to enjoy this stay....

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Learning English in Boston

Sunny and her daughter traveled to Massachusetts for three months and experienced what it was like to have a family from another culture. During her time in the USA, she was able to celebrate American holidays like a local for the first time.

Written by Mary Plunkett

London travel guide of neighbourhoods for you to explore

London is one of those cities where the burden of choice can almost overwhelm you. If you’re stopping off in the British capital for a city break or weekend away you’ll almost certainly wish you’d booked more time to spend in this remarkable city. One of the things...

Written by Suzanne Cox

5 European Homestays for a weekend city break

Nothing beats getting away for a weekend of discovery and fun. With so many brilliant cities in Europe being so accessible and affordable to visit, why not explore somewhere new? From cafe culture in Berlin to exploring historic Dublin, your choices are endless...

Written by Mary Plunkett

Experience traditional Thai life in Bangkok homestay

Hosts Tanisara and Am live in the west of Bangkok, an area that offers all of the buzz of this international city while still allowing guests a glimpse at authentic local Thai culture and life.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Travel to New Zealand will awaken your soul

While New Zealand may be a long flight for most of us, the journey to get there is unquestionably worth it. With breathtaking scenery and a tranquillity that is unparalleled, here's 13 images of New Zealand that will make you want to explore.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Travel to Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival

With the release of Disney movie "Coco", we take a look at Mexico's distinctive culture and history for the Day of the Dead festival View the photo guide to this colourful festival.

Written by Suzanne Cox

5 Must Visit Travel Destinations for 2018

Another year, another excuse to explore! Not sure where to wander in 2018? Based on our insider knowledge (we are a travel company after all), we've put together the ultimate list of where to go in 2018. Some are our old favourites, others are newbies and for good reason. Dive into the best destinations of 2018.