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Hosts Tanisara and Am live in western of Bangkok in the Thonburi district, an area that offers all of the buzz of this international city while still allowing guests a glimpse at authentic local Thai culture and life. They share their home with their parents and pet golden retriever. Although their home is in an urban area, they still manage to grow their own fruit and vegetables in their garden as well as keeping some chickens for fresh eggs. Thonburi features many of the original waterways for getting around and home to many floating markets. You can rent a motorbike or bicycle to explore the rest of the city.


Tell us a bit about your neighbourhood, where are your favourite places to go?

In my area, people still live in a traditional Thai way, such as offering food to the monks that walk past every morning and we have a local market every Sunday. Everyone in the community is very friendly and they are very kind to the tourists. So if you're a guest in this area we'll make sure that you're safe and won’t get lost! Our neighbour always know the guests are from our house. The place where we are always hanging out is like our centre. We volunteer here. I am a spiritual dance teacher for the kids and parents there. We also have lots of friends who are the artists in Thailand so we always try to go out and support them.

What is your favourite thing about Bangkok?

For me Bangkok is a variety of places for everything. You can enjoy the food from every country, the coolest places to shop, the rich culture and the modern buildings. I used to be a student in Canada and I love to travel too. So I think I know a traveler's needs. We love to help our guests with whatever they need and are more than happy to provide for them.  The best thing about hosting is that by the time they leave, they are our friends instead of a one-time guest.

Street food in Bangkok

What is something great about living in Bangkok that only a local would know?

There are a so many museums that are more fun than the national museum. The great place to have dinner is not in a hotel or an expensive place, or even the floating market you don't have to go far- there are great restaurants really close to our area. Plus the most delicious coffee doesn't have to be from Starbucks.

Dining area for their guests

Bangkok can often be very overwhelming for visitors any tips?

First get lots of information from the airport, like all the brochures for tourists. They always give great tips on how to stay safe in Bangkok, plus they will give you a Thai language manual that is really useful for travellers. And all the guidebooks are always great for extra information. We don't really hang out in bars because we don't drink but we recommend our guests enjoy the nightlife in Shukhumvit area.

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