Going Solo: Things to do in Cape Town if you’re travelling alone

They say the best way to get something done is to do it yourself, and that goes for travel too. The market for travelling solo all over the world is in a boom at the moment, and Cape Town is no exception. If you’re wondering about what to do and where to go, nervous about getting around and going to local restaurants alone, don’t be. Cape Town is a place for all kinds of travellers, and you’ll see people going solo all over the city. Here are some things you should do if you’re going to Cape Town solo.

Dedicate a day to learning

Robben Island Gateway Museum

Photo credit: April Killingsworth

If you’re interested in South Africa’s turbulent history, there are lots of places to learn all about it. Couple that with the abundance of museums, art galleries and buildings of Government Avenue, art galleries and you’ll come away an expert. Some choice spots include SA National Museum, SA National Art Gallery and the Robben Island Gateway Museum (book this one in advance).

Music Scene in the Cape

The kind of vibe to expect at our gig at The Piano Bar this Saturday. A little bit of something different, but also the same.

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Cape Town has a remarkably diverse music scene. You can wander around the city and hear different kinds of sounds coming from each area. You’ll find the best and biggest music venues in the Central Business District. Here is where you’ll catch the best sounds from local bands big and small.

This year’s Cape Town Carnival has already been and gone, unfortunately, but if you happen to be planning a trip for next year, add this fiesta to your to-do list.

Shop the Afro-Euro style

Werner Bayer

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Cape Town has pricked up its ears to the savvy design scenes of London, Paris and New York and has adopted it’s own Afro-Euro style. Head to some of the shops around Long Street to peruse the local and handmade goods boutiques or go to Greenmarket - a flee market every morning in downtown Cape Town.

Stay with a local host

Nothing can quash reservations about a place quite like staying with a local. Our Cape Town hosts can give you the insider tips on where to go, what to do and what you have to see. Jo in the buzzy village of Kommetjie, for example, loves to share her space with fellow universe lovers and share all her local tips with guests!

Get outside

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain is a must. As most locals will tell you, the skies in Cape Town can turn from sunny to cloudy in a matter of minutes. So if you see a clearing, go for it as it’s obviously best to take in the views from the top on a clear day, and if the weather is too bad the cable cars won’t be running.

If you’re a nature and wildlife lover, there’s plenty for you too. There are loads of companies running Cape Town safari and wildlife tours. Check out Cape Town Magazine’s list of the best tours.

The Winelands

Good conversations start with wine #southafrica #vineyard #winetasting

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If you love wine (who doesn’t?!), and you’re travelling solo, the perfect way to experience the best of South African’s beautiful wine is to book a Winelands day tour. Be whisked around some of the wine farms and estates with fellow wine lovers. You’ll have more than your fair share of cheese too.

A local host is your best option for travelling to Cape Town on your own. For a bit of company, advice and tips, stay with one of our fabulous Cape Town hosts.

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