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Anna ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2022
New York - United States

Conheça Kristine

Família anfitriã Kristine em ,
Ficou em Setembro 2017
Galway - Ireland

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Família anfitriã Regenia em ,

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  • Novembro 2022

    Getting to know Anna was nice but I could not host her again. There was a bit of difficulty with Anna respecting the house rules.
    I also did her laundry which was NOT SUPPOSED to be included.
    Housekeeper weekly too.
    She was very loud always screaming in different language on phone calls when I am trying yo work from home.
    This is a very quiet home.
    I have a home office where I work daily and need quiet.
    My listing says no kitchen privileges. She would use all my pots and pans when I was not there and leave me them to wash.
    She didn't understand boundaries.
    I went above and beyond and felt very disrespected.
    The lower level of my house has 6 extra large windows and egress windows. Also a walk out glass door.
    12 high hat lights per room that are dimmable.
    The bathroom was always dirty.
    She took over every available space in my home with no regard to my family.
    I politely asked her to please follow rules.
    I live walking distance to the public library. I also offered her rides to library. It was summer and she should have sat by the pool not in my kitchen everyday!!! It was very uncomfortable.
    I have a huge backyard and pool that She could sit outside during the day and enjoy.
    I wish her well and nothing but the best in the future.

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