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Shafaq ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2016
Bulleen - Australia

Conheça Kelly

Família anfitriã Kelly em ,
Ficou em Julho 2016
Melbourne - Australia

Conheça Grace

Família anfitriã Grace em ,

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  • Outubro 2017

    My family and I had an amazing time getting to know Shafaq and her family when they visited at my homestay. Shafaq makes the most perfect, creamy, flavoured macaroni cheese. Shafaq and her family spared no time to discover Melbourne almost as soon as they arrived. From the moment I picked the family up from the airport, a treasured connection formed. I really look forward to meeting Shafaq and her family again. We keep in touch from time to time and were Shafaq and her family to travel places stopping-over at homestay of their choice, i will be happy to reflect on the fact that a lovely family will be visiting, even if it is for a while !!.

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