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J'ai séjourné en avril 2016
Melbourne - Australia

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  • octobre 2017

    During the brief time that we got to know of Maik, he came across as a charming, considerate, person who was making sure that his mom, Uta was well looked after at our homestay. I found it particularly wonderful to meet and get to know Uta, a petit, yet mature and accomplished woman who has a deep knowledge and practical experience in her field of paediatric physiotherapy . I must share that to discover a lovely, warm-hearted eloquent woman was a bonus and language was no barrier !! Uta spoke German and I English and yet, we found this wonderful medium of communication exchange which was enhanced at times when Maik translated. I had the privilege to discover both the life-stories that brought joy to life as well as the eagerness to discover a new city, a new suburb, a host family and her sense of adventure !! together, we shared time and moments when she spoke so fondly of her family whom she truly treasures. It was indeed a privilege to take Uta out dining with our family. I can share that Uta would be a welcome guest and more so part of the family and I would recommend Uta as a homestay to a homestay host of her choice. We exchanged stories even when Uta travelled up north and keep in touch from time to time.

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