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Stayed in 十月 2017
Cork - Ireland

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Stayed in 九月 2017
Lucan - Ireland

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  • 十一月 2017

    Hebah introduced herself to me on Homestay over a series of messages.She was a female student in her mid twenties looking for a short term stay.I even offered her help with transportation (Via my adult daughter who drives)as she was anxious about making it to college every day. After collecting Hebah from the bus stop, she got the wrong bus, she then informed me that the booking was actually for a 18 year old brother of hers. She simply wanted to see what our homestay was like and he would arrive the following day.This was the first time I realized that the booking was not for her, and they had very different profiles.I put her deception down to being a concerned older sister. We have hosted young language students for more than 20 years and never had any issues. Having shown Hebah around we then left to dine with friends. We have a large home and thankfully two sitting rooms. One is kept specifically for our private personal family use as our adult children and grandchild visit and its important to have a place they can relax.The room has a clearly marked private sign on it.This is where Hebah choose to sit and eat her burger. Considering she had the use of all the other rooms including a private bedroom,we found this very rude. Next morning she demanded her money back,as she couldn't have use of that room.I was glad to see the back of her and had no intention of debating the issue with her.Sadly her brother(the real guest) had just arrived and seemed very pleasant, I'm sure we would have got on fine.

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