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Olatokunbo ha 8 recensioni

  • Luglio 2019

    she is a very nice and hardworking person who is easy to have in our home. She respect all the house rules and tidy. She will always be always welcome at our home.

  • Giugno 2019


  • Aprile 2019

    Obemi is a lovely guest.Very pleasant and jovial.She has kept her room neat and tidy.We thank her for staying with us.Wishing her all the best.

  • Marzo 2019

    Lovely guest, welcome back anytime x

  • Gennaio 2019

    Very humble and easy going guest. Always has a smile on. Really enjoyed having her stay with us

  • Gennaio 2019

    Nice couple. But be prepared! Without asking on arrival, food was out into my fridge And freeze. Food cooked at night then filled my fridge. They worked different hours. One been up at 4 .30 in morning. Then showering . So I was awake every morning! No house rules were followed. Kitchen used every night between 9.30 and 11. Although she always washed up, when I went into the room, which they also eat in every day, it smelt and was messy. Very disappointed. No consideration for others using room, after.

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  • Dicembre 2018


  • Aprile 2018

    A lovely and great lady.enjoyed her stay with us...

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