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Tony ha 2 recensioni

  • Dicembre 2018

    It was great to have a guest like Tony at our casa. Tony is a friendly person and respectful of the room. Thank you, Tony, we hope to see you again!

  • Novembre 2018

    Lamentablemente Tony nunca llego al depa, todo lo cual me afecto mucho porque tenia para esas fecha otras opciones de alojamiento y las rechace, no se comunico para informalo teniendo mis datos en su poder. No se puede ser informal, conociendo que de esto depende el negocio de otras personas.
    Regrettably Tony never came to the depa, all of which affected me a lot because I had other accommodation options for those dates and rejected them, I did not communicate to inform him having my information in his possession. You can not be informal, knowing that other people's business depends on this.

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