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Colm Mc Mahon ha 11 recensioni

  • Dicembre 2018

    Very polite guy with excellent communication. Highly recommend as a guest

  • Dicembre 2018

    Colm was a great guest, he is always welcome

  • Novembre 2018

    Great house guest !

  • Ottobre 2018

    colm is a lovely pleasant guy.very respectful and clean and tidy .hes more than welcome to stay here anytime he wants to

  • Ottobre 2018

    Lovely fella & a pleasure to have stay with us

  • Settembre 2018

    Colm is a lovely well mannered and considerate and we very much enjoyed meeting and hosting him and would definitely recommend him for homestay

  • Settembre 2018

    Colm was a really lovely friendly polite guy, also very clean and tidy!
    He is welcome to stay with us anytime :-)

  • Settembre 2018

    It was a pleasure to have colm staying with us. He is a very tidy and cheerful guest. And is welcome anytime .

  • Agosto 2018

    Colm is a repeat guest and I look forward to him staying in my home, an absolutely wonderful guy

  • Luglio 2018

    I have been either very lucky or it's par for the course with Homestay regarding people who stay in my home but I must say that Colm was indeed a joy to host and would look forward to hosting him again in the future

  • Giugno 2018

    Colm was very nice and helpful! Very clean and tidy. Gladly rent the room to him again.

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