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Brooklynn non ha viaggi futuri.

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Brooklynn ha gia' soggiornato presso 4 homestay.

Ho soggiornato a Ottobre 2017
Killarney - Ireland

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Ho soggiornato a Ottobre 2017
Cork - Ireland

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Ho soggiornato a Ottobre 2017
Galway - Ireland

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Ho soggiornato a Ottobre 2017
Dublin - Ireland

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Recensioni dalle famiglie ospitanti

Brooklynn ha 3 recensioni

  • Aprile 2019

    Great guest and loved having her stay! Hopefully we will meet again in Canada some day!

  • Ottobre 2017

    Brooklyn is a lovely quiet Girl. She has come to live in Ireland for a year or so. She spent a night with me in Galway and continued on her way to Westport in search of work. Good luck Brooklyn.

  • Ottobre 2017

    Brooklynn is a lovely girl and we enjoyed having her stay with us. She is welcome to come and stay any time and we wish her all the best for the future.

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