How to add weekly and monthly rates

You can adapt the prices of your room(s) depending on the length of stay, which we’ve seen can encourage longer term bookings and attract more guests.
If you’d like to charge less for longer stays, you can set a weekly or monthly promotional rate.
NOTE: Your profile will always show the lower price that you have per night, this is to make it more attractive for guests to book longer term stays in your homestay and remember the rooms are listed on a per room per night basis, not per person. You may also add a Single occupancy rate for individuals
Your weekly discount will apply to any reservation for 7-29 nights.
Your monthly discounts will apply to any reservation 30 nights or more. 
Price per night: €35
Weekly = €240 (per night is 240/7 =  €34 - the guest has to book over 7 nights to get this price)
Monthly = €1000 (per night is €1000/30 =  €33 - the guest has to book over 30 nights to get this price)
To set weekly or monthly rates:
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Click “Rooms” top right of page
  4. Click update rates
  5. Enter your rates for Standard occupancy, weekly and monthly rates *
  6. Click Save
*Guests will be able to see your long term pricing on your listing page. When they make a long term reservation request, they'll see your discount in their price breakdown.

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