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Reviews are a way for guests and hosts to share their experiences with the community as well as help us to build a good reputation in the homestay community. allows guests to leave a review about their stay and also allows the host to reply to the review.

We have clear review guidelines in place to help promote our core values. We want our customers to have complete trust in us, total confidence that we will always act fairly and with integrity. Therefore, we ask our members to write honest, clear and truthful reviews.

 Here are some things to consider when writing your review:

  • Ask yourself if the review will be helpful for future guests.
  • Be concise and descriptive. Use proper spelling and grammar.

 Here are some ideas on what to add to your review:

  • Hospitality - How would you describe the host?
  • Housekeeping - Was the house kept clean?
  • Amenities - What was there to do and see in the local area?
  • Location - Was it good? Was it as described?
  • Expectations - Were they met?

Being transparent in everything we do is an important part of our core values. Homestay’s default position is not to blue pencil, edit or delete reviews. However, reserves the right to not publish a review or a reply and maintain the right to remove a review or a reply at any time for any reason.

All reviews and replies written by guests and hosts are their own personal opinions and not those of We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by members of our community.

To publish a review or a reply  on our website, we advise you to read and adhere to the following guidelines:

18: You must be 18 or older to book and to leave a review or a reply on our site.

Once Only: We will publish only one review per guest’s stay, as well as only one host’s reply.

Considerate: We will not post any review or reply that contains statements pertaining to personality, prejudiced statements, threats, racial comments, profanity, hate speech, slanderous or libelous comments, sexually explicit language and other forms of inappropriate content. Descriptions of fatalities, accidents, health issues, physical injuries are also grounds for removal

Original and Yours: You should base your review or your reply on your own direct experience and any second hand information or hearsay will not be accepted. A published review or reply is the result of a direct experience of a person booking with or hosting with a member of the Homestay community.

Hosts Responses - think professional: Hosts replies are posted below the guest’s review. As a host, you will receive a notification from Homestay with a link that allows you to read your guest’s review and, if you like, to reply to it. Host replies will be published below your review and can be read by Homestay users and site visitors. The reply should therefore be written in a manner that is representative of the customer service that you adhere to in your homestay. We advise that you keep responses relevant to the review in question. Replying in a personal or insulting way can reflect poorly on you as the host when responding to the guest review. The host must not threaten or coerce a guest in their response to their review, or attempt to contact the guest outside of the Homestay communication channel to try to suppress a guest’s review on our site. The hosts’ replies must be based on their own first-hand experience.

Privacy: No personal details or information are allowed in any reviews or replies.

Promotion and Extortion: Offers of incentives or discounts to guests to return, URL links and promotional material irrelevant to the review or to the reply are prohibited, and we reserve the right to remove these.

We will not tolerate threats by guests to negatively review a host to gain financial benefit of any sort.

Written with standard formatting: Use standard formatting when writing a review or reply. You should not use ALL CAPS, excessive typographic symbols, HTML tags, or slang. Please beware that most text and paragraph formatting, including lists, will not appear in the review.

Compliance: If the guest review or the host's reply complies with our guidelines, we will typically publish it within a few days and notify you by email.

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