How do I set seasonal/ custom rates/ prices for peak season or weekend rates?

If you would like to charge a higher than standard rate for a specific date or specific periods of time, you can do this by going to your calendar when logged in to your account. 


To add seasonal prices you can do this by: 

  1. Go to the rooms section of your listing or to the calendar section of your listing 
  2. Click Update Calendar/ Seasonal Prices
  3. Choose the Seasonal Prices tab, as shown below
  4. Select the room that you want to update the prices for
  5. Enter the dates that you want to add custom prices for 
  6. Add the custom prices for standard (room occupancy) price and single occupancy price
  7. Click Save details. 


Note: Seasonal Prices  will override your normal nightly, weekly, and monthly prices for the nights in which you have set a seasonal price. 

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