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Vincy a 2 avis

  • janvier 2020

    I have several students before I am doing this hosting job for 2 years from different school before and first time for me to hear a complain regarding ants on her bathroom and terminating her contract I didn’t see any ants in any part of the house . Vincy is very forgetful and stubborn girl. She always leave the lights on the living room after her study and she is the only student who occupies the living room which is okey but she so leaving a mess drinking coffee and eating cookies leaving
    A bread crumbs . She burned my tea kettle and told me she will replaced it but never did which is okey . She asked me if she can have a rent contract because she is staying until June 2020 which we did. When she cooks she don’t cle an the electric range she washed the pots and pants.
    She moves to a friend that speaks the same language she does. And one thing I don’t like using my address by her friends 3 different names mailed to my address. When she asked me that is moving is okey to make my self stress free. She. Is the worst student that I had. I still communicate all my students before thru Facebook especially my student Svetlana from Russia.

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  • août 2019

    She’s very quiet and smart young woman.

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