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Irina se alojó anteriormente con 3 familias de acogida

Stayed in julio 2017
Glendale - United States

Conoce a Tanja

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Tanja en ,
Stayed in junio 2017
Los Angeles - United States

Conoce a Rina

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Rina en ,
Stayed in julio 2015
London - United Kingdom

Conoce a Sharanjeet Singh

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Sharanjeet Singh en ,

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Irina tiene 1 comentario

  • julio 2017

    Irina and Gregory were fun to host
    Even dough they did not rent a car they knew their way around by public transportation
    They are nice and warm people
    I would love to have them again as guests

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