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Stayed in septiembre 2017
Chicago - United States

Conoce a Mary

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Mary en ,
Stayed in mayo 2017
Dublin - Ireland

Conoce a Debbie

Familia anfitriona de Homestay Debbie en ,

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  • mayo 2017

    The guests had done no research about coming to Dublin.

    I sent them information before their arrival on how to get to the city to go on a bus tour, unfortunately they did not look up the train timetable, but then were disappointed the train was not running before 8am on Sunday morning.

    We showed them the electric shower room downstairs and showed them how to use the shower, but they used a shower we didn't show them and then they complained it was cold.

    They took over an hour to eat breakfast each day and while I understand some people eat slowly it did seem excessive. They were staying in our home and not a hotel.

    I hope they find what they are looking for the next time they choose to stay in a family home.

    I would suggest they do a little research first, before treating the host as a travel agent/tour guide.

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