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Florian hat 3 Bewertungen

  • Dezember 2023

    Florian was a special guest. We really enjoyed his friendly manner.
    He kept himself busy during his stay with us in Vancouver, always found interesting things to do.
    I would highly recommend Florian to any Homstay in the world and I would welcome him back to our home anytime.
    Hope to see you again Florian. Dianne

  • Dezember 2023

    Florian was an amazing houseguest. He kept himself extremely busy seeing VICTORIA and was respectful of the space, and even unloaded the dishwasher a few times, which is more than my children did when they were here.

  • Februar 2023

    It was an absolute pleasure making your acquaintance, Florian. It was great getting to know you while you were here and best wishes with everything. Don’t forget to let me know how AB is . Thanks for being a great homestay guest.
    - Kevin

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