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Firstly we hope you and your family are keeping well.  

A huge thank you for all the kind messages we have received over the last few months during the COVID19 pandemic. We especially thank you for the support given to guests who suddenly found themselves in various situations beyond their control. 

We have a great community who have shown and continue to show great compassion through these very tough times. 

It has without doubt been a challenging time, but countries are beginning to slowly open up again now, which is hugely positive for everyone. With this in mind, we wanted to reach out with some general advice to help you prepare for hosting when the time is right for you. 

Resuming hosting is a highly personal decision, we understand and respect that. We urge you to always follow your government guidelines particularly around social distancing and hygiene. We also ask that you consider taking steps within your homestay to ensure that you are doing all you can for both you and potential guests to remain safe.

You may find the below helpful as you consider to resume hosting again;

Review your profile on 

Calendar Management

Managing your calendar is more important than ever. Please consider when you are happy to resume hosting, and block out your calendar or pause your listing to reflect this. If you are planning to be away or have perhaps a booking from another platform, please also block your calendar for these unavailable dates. 

Click here to manage your Calendar 

Long /Short Term Stay

Perhaps you have a greater preference now for longer term bookings. Tweaking your preference will ensure you receive requests from guests looking to secure a longer term booking option, those traveling for work, training or education. 

Click here to manage your Length of Stay  

Room Rates, Nightly, Weekly & Monthly

Guests are starting now to make plans, and many have also had income and budgeting challenges. Now is a good time to review your rates and consider how competitive you are in your location. 

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House Rules

If you have implemented any specific measures around social distancing or hygiene, please add these to your house rules. Being transparent with guests ensures both parties are aligned and understand what’s expected of them. 

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Booking Requests

 As the travel market begins to slowly re-open, we can hopefully start to send relevant requests your way over the coming weeks. This is your home however and we completely understand that you need to be comfortable to accept guests again. 

Our request based booking process ensures you can ask guests relevant questions prior to confirming their booking, for example: 

  • How long have you been in the country?
  • Have you had or have you any symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Are you happy to abide by my house rules with regards to staying safe?  

Ultimately we are all learning to adapt to the aftermath but rest assured that we will continue to be here to help support both you, our hosts and our guests as we all begin this journey again together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

The Team

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