18 Images that prove that Australia is the most beautiful country in the world

Australia is a country that is made for anyone with feelings of wanderlust. Impeccable coastlines, charming cities and breath-taking landscapes, the immense country is a must on anyone's travel bucket list. Not convinced that down under is really for you though? Take a look at these 18 images of Australia and you'll be searching for flights before you know it.

Everyone knows the beaches in Australia are great

Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

How great you ask?

12 apostle sea stacks on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Twelve Apostles Great Ocean Road

Well.. this great.

swimming pool of Manly beach, Sydney on a summer day

Then there is the landscape...

Sun rises over the Clare Valley in South Australia

Which honestly is sometimes just magical.

Hutt Lagoon pink lake on an almost cloudless day No, you are not mistaken, that is in fact a pink lake.

Then of course there are the cities


From the iconic landmarks

To the more unsung heroes of Australian architecture.

the interior of St Pauls cathedral in MelbourneSt Pauls Cathedral, Melbourne

Animal lovers will find plenty to entertain them in Australia

And while the kangaroo may be the best-known Australian animal...

Kangaroo staring directly into camera lens

The lesser-known quokka is really the best.

Two quokkas holding onto each other Just make sure you steer clear of any snakes and spiders!

All this wildlife makes for some truly great road signs...

kangaroo road sign

In particular the warning to look out for a sad koala...

koala road sign

Although it seems that not every Australian takes these seriously.

graffiti on a road sign in Australia Either that, or you need to beware of dragons...

The red desert outback is the image everyone has of the Australian landscape

Dirt Road of the outback desert in Australia

But really the country is far more diverse than that

World Heritage Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair National Park, Tasmania

With lush landscapes...

Tropical North Queensland

And spectacular sunsets.

Sunset in Australia as seen from the Blue Mountains

So get on out there and say "G'day" Down Under!

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