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Anna from Poland travelled to Lisbon for a music conference. She is a specialist in Chinese music and plays the lute. Visiting Lisbon for 1 week, she was looking for good value accommodation and an authentic local experience. She chose to stay with hosts Ramesh and Brinda originally from Nepal in their central Lisbon apartment. Their wonderful, delicious breakfasts were the biggest hit of her trip to Lisbon. Read on to learn more.

Anna with her Romantic lute from Jermonimos.

Tell us about your homestay experience.

Ramesh and Brinda, a wonderful couple from Nepal, left their home for a big world tour - through Japan and other countries (that's why they fluently speak japanese). But they found their new home in a cosmopolitan city of Lisbon, in the old area, right in the city center. When you enter their home, first you smell Nepali spices.  Next, you will notice a nice, relaxed atmosphere with oriental feeling and patina. The house is close to the metro station and easy to access. Just on the corner nearby, you can visit a store of Ramesh and Brinda and say "hello" - that's what I liked to do, to make a friendship, but also to let them know when I will be back. This way I felt really safe while being alone in the city.  I'm not looking for a 4-star hotel without people there. I want to experience the place and people, by crossing our ways in the right time and place. And this was the right time and place.

Wearing the sari with Brinda and with the chinese music instruments I play.

What did you do in Lisbon?

I came to Lisbon for a music conference. I'm a musician. I was looking for a cheap and "true", authentic  place for stay with breakfast included.  And I must say, the food prepared by Ramesh Brinda is excellent! Especially the hot pickles I love!!! I am surprised that it isn't very expensive area, full of nice restaurants - but I didn't need to go there, because Ramesh Brinda's cooking was always better.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Go to the places you want to visit just on foot. No metro. This way you will know much better the city and you will get a true image of the place. Take a train to Cascais, but don't go where the tourist stay. Walk along the ocean, see the lovely garden and palace there with chicken, roosters and peacocks.

Little palace behind the beach in Cascais - don't forget about the roosters there!

How was your experience with your host?

A "cosmopolitan city" like Lisbon means, that you can select what kind of value is your special priority. I'm interested in cultural exchange and I would like to trust people rather, than to stay in formal, cold relations. There is always a lot to learn in terms of life experience. But from a practical point of view I learned... how to wear the sari!

Sample of Brinda's cooking

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