Hosting to make rent in between housemates

Mary lives in North Beach, right in the heart of San Francisco. Sometimes she finds herself between housemates and Homestay gives her a way to make up some of the rent during those times. Read on to hear her thoughts on hosting with

Why did you sign up to

One of my friends, Agneta, has wanted me to sign up with Homestay for a while since she's been very successful and has been happy with all the people who come to stay with her. I signed up because I’m on a limited income and rents are very high in San Francisco. Sometimes I find myself between housemates and Homestay gives me a way to make up some of the rent during those times.

The thing I like about hosting with Homestay is that I am able to meet really, really nice people from all over, even Tasmania! I am about to decide that there are no Homestay guests who aren’t really wonderful. I never, ever feel uncomfortable with them in my home and am able to go out without locking up everything I own.

Are you listed on other homesharing websites?

No I only list my room on I think Homestay is far superior to how I perceive AirBnB from what I’ve heard from people who’ve had horror stories to tell. I think, too, it’s probably a good thing that Homestay people are from other countries.

Would you recommend

Yes, I would strongly recommend Homestay to anyone who likes diversity, meeting people from other countries, and needs some extra cash. I would also like to mention that I’ve not given up my privacy unless I’ve wanted to do so.

Can you tell us about your favourite homestay experience?

My favorite Homestay experience seems to be whatever the latest one I’ve had. I am still friends on Facebook with all but the first two guests and give all my guests 5 stars and tell anyone who’s looking for guests that they would be lucky to be chosen by my guests! My current guests are leaving tomorrow and we’ve had such a nice time. Yesterday, I invited them to a 50th anniversary celebration of my favorite bar, Spec’s. I was on my way home when they arrived and was pleased that they stayed and met some of my friends.

That’s my story, morning glory. I love Homestay and wish I was free to participate more often!

Double room with separate private living room in Mary's home in Central San Francisco for $95 per night,

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