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Kumkum, a Balinese man, and Caroline, his French wife, live with their daughter Julia near the beaches of Sanur. There is so much to explore and see in Bali, and these hosts are confident that you will have an amazing experience when you stay with them. They love giving guests an authentic Bali experience through ceremonies and traditions. They welcome guests from all ages, and Julia is always happy to share her toys with other toddlers.

What kind of experiences will guests have with you in Bali?

We enjoy showing the great treasures of our island and take the time to advise our guests about what to see and do here, especially if they wish to stay “off the beaten path." We are happy to share our secrets spots, far away from the touristic traps, such as the most exciting waterfalls to see, the best views to look at, the greatest rice fields to walk in, the best beaches for a relaxing and quiet afternoon, or where to eat the best food at a local price. We will show you where to shop at the local markets and you will be able to witness the daily local activities in Bali. Just in front of our residence there is a tiny little warung (a local restaurant that looks like a small stall) where local grand-pa’s like to gather after their day in the fields while enjoying a glass of Tuak, the local coconut wine.

Caroline, Kumkum, Julia, and guests

What can guests expect when they come to visit your homestay?

Bali is such a lovely place to visit. Here at Kumkum’s Homestay, we love to give a warm welcome to our guests, especially if they have just arrived from the airport and are tired from a long trip. We offer drinking water, coffee and tea. We try to keep our place “local” and our breakfast consists of a few local fruits. You can choose to have a traditional breakie with a “nasi kuning" which is a delicious yellow rice mixed with different things or have some toasts with locally handmade jam.

Caroline, Kumkum, and Julia

You will see the rice growing in the field next to the residence and enjoy the ballet of the kites in the sky after school hours. We usually help our guests to make themselves home and happily take them around to rent a scooter or bicycle. Daily, Kumkum is doing the offerings by placing one square "cenang” here and another one there, as it should be. He will tell you a bit about his traditions and introduce you to his believes, so special to Balinese.

Traveling can be overwhelming. Do you have any tips for people coming to visit you?

We recommend travelers to take light cotton clothes, to feel more comfortable during the warm days and to drink plenty of fresh water. Don’t forget to bring your refillable  water bottles and some organic sunscreen along!

Our homestay is located a half hour walk from Sanur beach, a bit away from the crowd but not so far. By bike it’s a 10 minute ride. Around us there are rice fields and in the front of our street a local market open at night. Great for anyone wishes to taste the true Balinese food!

Walking a trail

What is your neighborhood like?

We live in a small residence and are the last house. So unless the lovely neighbors’ kids play around, our place is really quiet. From our home we usually enjoy going to the beach in Sanur, where you can walk along the ocean on a small path for about 2 hours from one side to another. You can kayak, canoe, learn the basics of stand-up paddle or practice some yoga. We are also close by the Taman Puputan which is a great park with a monument to visit in the middle. Sukawati market and the Secret Canyon are just a 20 minute ride as well. We love to live here as we are near the beach, the park and the local markets. We are away from the busy areas but close enough that if we want to go out and enjoy a nice cocktail by the beach at sunset we can.

A selfie with a guest

What do you love about being hosts in Bali?

What we like from being hosts is sharing our love for our island and meeting new people. We love sharing life experiences and helping travelers to enjoy their stay in Bali. We want everyone to leave Bali with sparkles in their eyes and unforgettable memories to tell when they arrived back home or at their next destination. We enjoy hosting all ages, and our daughter Julia is always happy to share her toys with other toddlers. We once had guests with a baby the same age as our daughter staying with us for a month and they became best friends. They were so cute together! Our happiness is when we hear the about voyageurs who stayed with us saying that they enjoyed Bali and will come back again! We feel like our mission is accomplished.

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