Relocating to Osaka, Japan

Charlotte lives in Oslo, Norway and had spent many previous summers in Japan. This time, though, she decided to start a new journey by moving to Osaka on a work visa. She also hoped to improve her Japanese language skills while staying in her homestay.

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Charlotte with her hosts

Tell us about your homestay experience.

This was my first time using homestay and I would recommend this to everyone who quickly wants to learn language or who is traveling to a place they might never have been. This will make adapting easier and more comfortable than hostels or living alone. It's as authentic as you can get it! I enjoyed my breakfast routine every morning, and I liked that I could practise my Japanese but also speak English with the hosts. Getting to know the Ishii family and the location was great! I truly hope to come back one day.

Japanese style breakfast

What did you do in Osaka?

I was looking for work, yoga places, and social events. It was so easy to get around with the train and subway so I got to see A LOT in the twenty days I was there. It was a ten minute walk to the train or subway station and there were rapid lines to Kyoto or Osaka. I traveled a lot! I couldn't rent a bike in Takatsuki but had many long walks and good meals in the city center.

Osaka Skyline Nakanoshima district

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Get a ICOCA card at any train station because it will make your life SO much easier; doesn't matter if you are staying for two weeks or 3 months, just get it! Meetup is a great app to use for language or social events. Also, eat smaller portions so that you can eat multiple times throughout the day. And then you can just walk it off afterwords!

How was your experience with your host?

I would describe my hosts as sweet and helpful family, as well as very authentic and informative. They have had many guests and have traveled a lot themselves, so you are likely to find some interests or stories to share. Don't forget to try Chiaki's food because it is so good! Each day I had a fresh breakfast, which is a great habit I hope to take home with me and to implement into my daily routine. Also, the dogs are absolutely adorable!

Chiaki with her dogs

Is Osaka calling to you?

Japan's homestays are waiting for you.

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