How to Experience Japan like a Local

Alexander and Ekaterina decided to exprience Japan like a local. They traveled from Russia because of their love of Japanese music, culture, and anime. Their ten day trip was jam-packed with unforgettable memories!

Tell us about your homestay experience.

The owners--Conan and his wife Yoriko--were good owners, kindly and polite. Totally the best! I recommend Homestay instead of using hotels/hostels because you get a very unique experience. We would like to thank Conan and Yoriko for giving us advice whenever we asked. Big thanks for it, guys.

What did you do in Katsushika-ku?

It is a very calm place with beautiful parks, a big shopping zone, and a station (Shin-koiwa) near where we stayed. We recommend checking out some discount shops, specifically  My Basket Shop, which is a big shop with good prices. Skytree is five to six km from Shin-Koiwa, and the Edogawa area is so close.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Ask Yoriko about the nearby park between two streets (about 3,5 km). You should also visit Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusabashi, Yoyogi park, Skytree, Ueno park and other beautiful places in Japan (especially for shopping and walking). Tower Records is a great place for anyone who like music. Akihabara has a lot of shops for geeks, so I also recommend trying it!

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How was your experience with your host?

Conan and Yoriko were great family company. While in Japan, we were able to learn some Japanese from our hosts, as well as some Japanese traditions. Some of our favorite things we did were learning to live as a Japanese man/woman, meeting new friends, and trying out new hobbies. In addition, we cooked together, sang karaoke, and visited some bars together with Conan and Yoriko. They are awesome and we recommend others to stay with them!

What's better than a homestay in Japan?

Japanese homestays are a click away!

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