A Month Abroad on Australia's Gold Coast

Martina, a twenty-one year old Italian girl, shares her homestay experience on Australia's gold coast. She was the winner of our "Win Back Your Trip" photo/video contest and won €500 for simply posting about her experience online.

After a summer full of work, Martina knew she needed to get away and take a break. The solution? Travel to the other side of the world, where the hot season begins in November.

The contest winning photo of Martina, Maria, and Peter

Martina stayed with Maria and Peter on Australia's Gold Coast. Their home offers two bedrooms and a swimming pool, and it is just minutes from the beach. Despite the fact that Martina enjoys traveling on her own, she chose a homestay because she wanted the true, local experience instead of just the tourist version. Plus, Maria and Peter are great company.

Martina walks the beaches of Australia's Gold Coast

Many of Martina's days in Australia were spent on Australia's gorgeous beaches. "But," Martina writes, "there is so much more to do on the Gold Coast." She fondly remembers walking in the shadows of the trees at the park, as well as exploring the noisy streets of the city. She flew to Sydney and spent a weekend there and also visited Surfer's Paradise. During her trip, she got to pet a kangaroo and hold a koala in her arms. She writes, "I had the best time of my life!"

Martina holds a koala

When asked what tips she has for others visiting Australia, she said to embrace the adventure (and not be afraid of Australia's infamous snakes and spiders). A must see is the Burleigh National Park, especially in the morning. A walk in nature is a great way to start the day. "And then," she writes, "from the top, you can admire the immensity of the ocean and understand why that place is called “Gold Coast.”

View from Burleigh National Park

Overall, Martina had an amazing experience in her homestay. She said it was a pleasure to share her Australian experience with Maria and Peter. She enjoyed how they would ask her about her day, play games with her, show her around, and help her when needed. She writes, "Even though I was thousands of kilometers from my family, they made me feel at home."

Martina in Sydney, Australia

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