Learning English in Boston

Sunny from China stayed with Boston Homestay host Tabetha and her family for 3 months while she learned English.

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I am so lucky to have found Tabetha and stayed in her lovely blue room. It was a great experience to allow my daughter to experience a new culture. My daughter Bunny learned a lot of English and was able to make lots of friends while we stayed here. What makes staying in a homestay so incredible is being able to be a part of a family. That is absolutely better than staying in a hotel for three months. I loved being able to eat local food and experience a new culture.

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Group picture in front of the house in the winter

What did you do in Boston?

The people of Newton were so nice and welcoming. Everyday you can see people running in the morning, even if it was cold and snowing! The neighbors were always smiling and willing to help. We visited the MIT museum, the Museum of Science, and the Museum of Fine Art. Both were really cool and I recommend visiting them. The Boston Common Frog Pond is a great place for skating. We used the Boston Central Library for studying. We loved the area and all the fun we had access to.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Having a car will make it more convenient. You should definitely visit the MIT museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Common Frog Pond. It is a great place to work on your English and make friends.

How was your experience with your host?

I learned how to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with an American family! My daughter and I truly enjoyed this stay. I will always remember what it's like to sit in front of a warm fire in the living room when the weather turns cold outside. Some of our favorite moments were sitting around the table and enjoying a yummy dinner or playing cards. We felt like a part of Tabetha's family. The host had two dogs, and Bunny loved them so much. When we go back to China, we will now have to get a pet soon.

Going to Boston to learn English?

Stay in a homestay

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