Travel to Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival

Mexico's distinctive culture is something everyone should experience. Great food, vibrant, colourful imagery and a fascinating Mayan history all set in a tropical landscape that is begging to be explored. Mexico's most famous festival, The Day of the Dead commemorates the deceased in a fantastic spectacle of processions, parades and tributes to the dead. Explore the country through this unique festival and get inspired to visit Mexico.

Mexico is a fantastically colourful country

Colourful tourist boats in Xochimilco

With a culture influenced by their Mayan past,

Detail of a colourful Mayan calendar

As well as their colonial history.

Stained glass windows in the Chapultepec Castle

The landscape is stunning

Aqua azul waterfall in Chiapa, Mexico

With a sense of magical other-worldliness.

Ik Kil Cenoe in Chichen Itza, Yuatan, Mexico

There is a sense of the macabre to Mexican culture however,

Skeleton souvenirs for sale in Mexico

With the skeleton a common image.

Skeleton wedding scene in Cuernavaca popular culture museum

At the end of October Mexico pays tribute to their deceased loved ones with the Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead festival.

Processions are held...

Day of the Dead procession in Mexico City with the cathedral in the background

Image courtesy of nmarritz.

And alters decorated in memory of the dead.

alter of a church in Barrio de la Concepcion, Mexico City

Image courtesy ofAngélica Portales.

Women paint their faces with skeleton-style make-up,

Image of women with skeleton or calavera-stlye make up at a parade in Oaxaca, Mexico

Image courtesy of Greg Willis.

And the streets are filled with people,

Parade in Oaxaca, Mexico for the Day of the Dead

Image courtesy of Greg Willis.

As the calavera, or skull, takes centre stage.

colourful skull dress in flower and veil for the Dia de los muertos or Day or the Dead in Mexico

Image courtesy of Kevin.

From a small...

skeletons climbing a building in Mexico

To the big

pink skeleton as part of the Dia de los Muertos parade in Mexico City

Image courtesy of tetrabrain.

You can even get spooky skull sweets for the event

sugarcraft skull sweets for the day of the dead in mexico

So soak up the colour of this great nation,

flags flying from a church in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead

Image courtesy of Kevin.

And plan your trip to explore it!

Night time image of a sgreet in Mazatlan in Mexico with street lamps

Wondering what's the best way to explore Mexico?

Try a homestay for an authentic look at local life.

Homestays in Mexico

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