So... what is a homestay?

Wondering about the exact 'homestay' meaning? Put simply - It's staying in a spare room of a real home while the homeowner is there. All around the world, from cities to off the beaten path destinations, homestays are a type of accommodation that define the phrase a 'home from home'. In a homestay you book to stay with a local in their home. They are your 'host' during your stay.

Staying in a homestay you not only get to visit a destination, you get to really live it too. You see how the locals live their lives – something that is almost impossible to do when staying in other types of accommodation. What make homestays different to other types of accommodation are the hosts. No matter where you're staying, be it the Australian Outback or central London, you'll never be in a homestay on your own. Your host will be there during your stay, to welcome you and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Host Sue in London with one of her guests

Our hosts, in over 150 countries, come from all walks of life, from artists and writers in Toronto to renovation experts in Provence, a filmmaker in Rio and home-cooking instructors in Florence.

First time for our fabulous new guest at Crescent Beach with us. @HomestayCom, #hellohomestay , #homestayHost

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Whether you're planning a short break for two or three nights or a round-the-world trip, a homestay is ideal. If you're studying abroad or relocating to another country, a homestay is the perfect place to stay for a couple of months. Your host will help you get to know your new location if you wanted to look for more permanent accommodation.

Bedroom in Elizabeths' home in Paris

Some homestays are modern and contemporary, others offer rural charm. Finding your favourite homestay is easy! Choose your destination and enter your selected dates. You'll see a list of available homestays. Select the homestay you like best and send a booking request to the host. You can send a message to as many hosts as you like and use the message system to find out any additional information you need and find out if the host is the right fit for you. Once your hosts accepts and confirms they are available you can go ahead and book online. Sorted!

If you're looking for great value accommodation, a homestay is for you.

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