Rent Out Your Spare Room During the World Masters Games 2017

Kicking off in April, athletes and sports fans from all over the world will descend on Auckland for world’s largest multi-sport event - World Masters Games 2017. Sports fanatic or not, if you live in Auckland and would like to be a part of the excitement and earn some extra cash in the process, you can open up your home and rent out your spare room to visitors from the all over the world.

People have started booking their accommodation for the event and demand will be at a peak for April, so it's time for you to get organised and set up a homestay profile now.

World Masters Games 2017

How to sign up

Getting set up is quick and easy. Go to our host sign up page and sign up. Then, take some clear, well-lit photos of your house, including your spare room; take a photo of yourself for your profile picture; upload them to your profile. Write a short description about yourself, your home and your location... and you're ready to go!

As a host, you'll meet people from all over the world and have an opportunity to show off your local area… and of course it's an easy way to earn some extra cash.

When to sign up

Sign up as soon as possible. Visitors are planning their trip to Auckland for this exciting event now.

Who can sign up?

If you live in Auckland and have a spare room, you've already met all of the qualifying criteria! It’s completely free to sign up, and by becoming a host, you can meet like-minded people visiting Auckland for this major event. It's an opportunity to earn some extra income during their stay and be a part of the celebrations that are making Auckland the place to be in April 2017.

Rent out your spare room in Auckland.

Become a host now

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