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When I saw the pictures of Morgan and Jon at their home in Inglewood in Los Angeles, they immediately seemed like someone I wanted to get to know. The couple, who share their craftsman-style bungalow with their adorable dogs, Dante, Darwin and Skinny have been described by a previous guest as being “the best, most perfect host you can ask for.” High praise indeed.

Their home in Inglewood is a great location, being only ten minutes from the beach and twenty minutes from Downtown Los Angeles, but with facilities as good as theirs, you may not want to leave at all. The couple are passionate about their home and were keen to explain to me that all the income they receive as Homestay.com hosts goes back into the care and restoration of their property.

The furnishings in the home reflect the couple’s keen eye for antiques as well as their artistic ability to faithfully restore furniture. As well as the stylish interiors, the home features a hot tub, an outdoor fire pit, a wood burning stove for you to curl up at indoors as well as a library where you can unwind. With all these features, I was keen to speak to Morgan and Jon and find out a bit more about their interests and how they’ve created such a special space to share with their guests.

terrace with barbecue at our homestay hosts home in inglewood

What is your favourite spot in your home?

I have two favourite spots. The library/study is a wonderful place to read, meditate, talk, or relax. On the other hand, the outdoor areas in our home are a luxury that many Los Angeles homeowners don't have; we've personalized these with comfy tables and chairs, plus the hot tub and fire pit. A cup of coffee or meal on the patio is nice and relaxing, and since the weather here is almost always perfect, the outside areas are useful year-round.

We constantly put lots of love into all the projects we do on the house, and we enjoy seeing the fruits of our labour! We also love our Little Free Library on the outside of the house, which we stock with free books; it's been a great way to get to know our community.

Why did you sign up to Homestay.com?

One year, I [Morgan] set a goal of having friends in ten new countries by the end of the year. I didn't know how this would possibly happen when I set the goal! I found out about hosting and we signed up immediately for some other Homestay-type sites, which we've also used when traveling. When we found out about Homestay's commitment to community (requiring all hosts to be present on the property), we knew the site was a perfect fit for our hosting style! Oh- and yes, through hosting I accomplished my goal within only a few months, rather than a year!

morgan and jon with their three dogs

What makes you a great Homestay.com host?

Curiosity and attentiveness. We're so interested in our guests; we love to hear about lives in different areas of the world and the U.S. Since my job sees me email people in 30+ countries every day, I have a unique perspective on communicating through the site. We're always looking for our next travel destination, and Homestay guests give us great insights for that! We're also attentive to guests' desires: whether they'd like more time alone or lengthy conversations; what kind of breakfast snacks they'd prefer; whether they've got the perfect number of pillows on the bed; whether they want to take some of our fresh avocados with them on their travels. We treat our guests like friends and family.

bedroom at morgans homestay along with her dog

Describe the property and the Homestay.com experience you offer.

Our home is a unique 1906 American Craftsman. It's a very unusual find in a city like LA, and we are quite proud of it since we spend so much of our time improving it and restoring it back to its original turn of the century aesthetic (with modern comforts, like our massive projector screen for a TV). The experience of staying with us is up to you- just let us know how much contact you'd like with us and we're happy to meet that expectation. Luckily, we're in a very centrally located area of Los Angeles, with quick and easy access to LAX airport, Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, downtown, and more.

What do you love about Homestay.com?

We love that Homestay.com requires hosts to be at home. This creates a perfect set of expectations with guests to be sharing a home, rather than renting a hotel room. In this way, we've gotten to meet and befriend people from all over the world who share our interests in multiculturalism and travel. Homestay guests have also introduced us to places in our own city that we'd never heard of before! We also love that Homestay allows us to continue improving our home with all the suggestions we get from past guests!

morgan and jon restoring furniture in their la home

What are your interests and hobbies?

Our main interests are the restoration of our home and spending time with our dogs. For the restoration, Morgan researches styles and restoration techniques, and both of us work together on the construction methods. For instance, the guest bathroom door was found discarded in our backyard, and we ripped the bathroom medicine cabinet out of a gutted 1910 sorority house in Long Beach. We carefully rehabilitated both pieces into the perfect welcome for your private bathroom! We also love the outdoors, music festivals, yoga, laughing, world travel, and unique foods.

living space of jon and morgan's home

What would you say to anyone thinking of signing up as a host?

We would enthusiastically recommend hosting- especially if you want to see the world. We're grateful to have friends all over the world thanks to hosting, and we've even enjoyed visiting some of them in their own countries! And if you don't think you'll be able to leave the U.S. anytime soon, you can get the experience of the world in your own home.

If you want to stay with Morgan and Jon, visit their profile and send them a booking request to secure your stay. Or browse our Los Angeles listings for the homestay that's right for you.

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