Morocco travel: 19 things you have to do in Morocco

Morocco is one of those places where the more you look, the more you see. Everyone knows about the stunning mosques and markets that dot the major cities and tourist destinations, but not everyone thinks of Morocco as the ideal spot for a surfing holiday, a place to go hiking or somewhere for a city break. So if you're looking for a reason to visit North Africa, here are 19 reasons that will have you jetting off before you know it.

To begin with, the architecture is pretty good...

See the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca

A man waits outside the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca

Or the Ben Youssef Madrasah in Marrakech

The tiled courtyard of the Ben Youssef Madrasah in Marrakech

Image courtesy of seier+serier.

Morocco has lots of those winding streets you want to explore...

From the cobalt-blue streets of Chefchaouen

A small blue-painted street in the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen

To the bright colours of the medina of Rabat

The medina of Morocco's capital city of Rabat with their bright-painted walls

And the ornate passageways of Marrakech

Man walking down the street of jewellery sellers in Marrakech

Image courtesy of James Merhebi.

The coastline isn't too bad...

In Agadir

The beach at Agadir in Morocco with the Moroccan flag in the foreground

Or Essaouira

blue fishing boats in the harbour at Essaouira in Morocco

And the people are great

Moroccan man in blue turban at the market in Tinghir

Image courtesy of Jamie McCaffrey.

The scenery is spectacular too

From the countryside

view of the Ouzoud waterfalls in Morocco

To the city

view from the hills of the Moroccan town of Fez on a misty morning

You'll find so many things you want to buy...

fabrics on display at a market in Morocco

Image courtesy of Martin and Kathy Dady.

tea glasses and pots on sale at a market in Marrakech

Image courtesy of Christine Olson.

spices on sale in Marrakech

Image courtesy of Mark Rowland.

But realise you'll never be able to bring home.

The food is pretty delicious

From evening snacks

woman selling cooking meats at an evening market stall in Marrakech in Morocco

Image courtesy of Hyunkook Lee.

To the catch of the day

Stall with fresh fish at the market in Essaouira in Morocco

Image courtesy of Julia Maudlin.

Or a sweet treat

Candied sweets on display in the market in Marrakech in Morocco

Image courtesy of James Merhebi.

If all this sounds like too much work though

You can just find somewhere to chill out

Pathway in the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech in Morocco

Enjoy the views

View of the mosque in Marrakech in Morocco with pink flowers in the foreground

Image courtesy of Ben Kucinski.

And have a glass of Moroccan mint tea

Glasses of sweet Moroccan mint tea

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