2014 Homestay Report shows Homestays are on the rise

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What a year 2014 has been, we've seen fantastic growth in our homestay community every day. Tens of thousands of people are deciding for the first time to open their homes to guests from all corners of the globe. This year more and more travelers are taking them up on their offers. Homestays are no longer just for students of language and culture, but a wide variety of travelers. We recently published our first Homestay Index a data-driven analysis of homestay accommodation in 2014. The report explores homestay traveler and host behaviors and preferences, how technology changes are redefining travel from the ground up, and what the future holds. Check out some of the learnings below.

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The homestay: Price

The average global price for a homestay booking is US$46 per room per night, according to industry booking data. Pricing for the top 10 global destinations on Homestay.com is:


The homestay traveler: Reasons for Travel

The homestay traveler is most likely to be on holiday — 38% of our respondents indicated that they were traveling for leisure.


Relationships matter in Homestays

What makes a homestay booking very different than other forms of accommodation is the ability to connect host and guest before the homestay trip through our messaging system. This builds a relationship and ensures hosts and guests have set expectations about the stay.


The homestay traveler: Why book a homestay

Guests book homestays as they enjoy staying in a home environment


People love homestays

87% of guests surveyed rated their homestay experience as very good or excellent

"Staying with Michel and Giovanna enriched my experience exploring Palermo and helped make my visit there very memorable. Welcoming me to stay with them, they made their house feel like home. They introduced me to great spots in the city and gave me a warm and personal experience of Palermo. Their hospitality and true caring spirit left me with wonderful memories of my stay, and new friends in Sicily. I would highly recommend the homestay experience. Spend time with your hosts and take opportunities through them to get to know the community. They’ll provide you a unique window into life in a new place, and a personal experience in your destination leaving you with both new memories and new friends."

Alicia from USA stayed with hosts Michel and Giovana in Sicily


The homestay traveler: Age

More than half of all homestay guests are over the age of 30


A True Value Stay

The average global price for a homestay booking is US$46 per room per night - a price point significantly lower than many hotels. Price sensitivities are at a peak during large events when traditional hotel supply is low and room prices inflated. ‘Pop-up’ homestays offer an opportunity to provide value and local experience to event attendees, while ensuring local communities benefit from large-scale events.

"I found lots of overpriced, low quality hotels when searching for somewhere to stay. Having previously stayed in a homestay on a trip to Croatia, I decided to try searching on the word “homestay”, thinking that the locals would have to be renting out their rooms for the World Cup. When I found my host Selma in Curitiba was available and at a reasonable price, I cancelled a hotel booking I’d already made."

Gennieve, Curitiba, Brazil June 2014


>> Download our homestay report in full

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