What is a Host Family?

For many people the words “host family” inspire memories of summers spent abroad as an adolescent, learning a foreign language. Stumbling through polite small talk at the breakfast table and silent wonderment at home life in a foreign place.

For others though, it can be a life-changing experience that opens their eyes to the world, exploring a different country, its culture and people. Often it’s the relationship that developed with their host family that made it so special. So much so, it’s an experience they’d love to revisit as an adult.

Traditionally the host family in this adolescent scenario is a conventional one of parents, children and a loveable pet. As the modern concept of the family changes, so too does that of a host family. On Homestay.com you can find a host family that suits your idea of the perfect host, whether it’s a young couple in a modern apartment, empty-nesters with grown-up children or a professional with a busy career. Our host families come from all walks of life.

Aside from providing a room to sleep in, what does a host add to the experience for their guests?

The key ingredient of a homestay is the social and cultural exchange that happens between guest and host. Our hosts offer a relaxed home environment and a genuine taste of local life in their area through their hospitality. As well as this, they offer their local knowledge and helpful advice about where to go, what to see and how to get there.

If you’re someone who enjoyed staying with a host family in the past and would love to try it again, jump in. Or perhaps homestays are new to you but you like the sound of it. Either way we’ve got plenty of hosts for you to choose from. Just search for the destination of your choice and send a message to the hosts that catch your eye to check their availability.

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Or, if the idea of hosting guests appeals, visit our host sign-up page today. You’ll earn some extra income meeting people from all different corners of the world and you might even learn something new about yourself along the way!

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