Finding a home away from home in Melbourne

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Finnish Travel blogger Satu flew over to Melbourne for a quick visit during her two-month trip to New Zealand and stayed, for the first time with Homestay.

“Arriving in a new city alone, at night, it was a comforting thought there would be someone waiting for me”, she says. It was also an interesting and fun process not look for only the right property and location, but also to find hosts that would be interesting to stay with”.

Satu stayed in the cozy Emerald Cottage in Southern Melbourne where the hosts Jo and Gil are just as curious and open to meet new people with passion to travel, as the Homestay guests are curious to meet hosts with local experience and knowledge. “I actually sat down with my hosts to hear more about their story, to find out how and why they have opened their home for travelers like me, and to also hear more about their backgrounds. What really caught my attention when booking was that Gil is an actor on stage, TV and film, and Jo is a Casting Consultant and has worked for Australia’s Got Talent, for example! This is so far from my own personal experience, that I knew this would be an interesting match!”

To read more about Satu’s experience in Melbourne at the Emerald Cottage, read her post “Home Sweet Homestay: Finding a Cozy Cottage in Melbourne” in Skimbaco Lifestyle.

Take a look at Emerald Cottage, and all of our other homestays in Melbourne.

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